Everything you need to know about Ammonia Solution

What is an Ammonia Solution?

Ammonia solution is a solution of ammonia in water that is depicted with the symbol NH3 (aq) or NH4OH. It is commonly known as ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water, and aqueous ammonia. The demand for ammonia is exponentially growing due to its increasing use in the manufacture of chemical fertilizers, cleaning agents, personal care products, food & beverage, industrial and laboratory applications, and pharmaceuticals. With a wide application range, the demand will not surge any time soon and will continue to dominate the chemical market for a longer time.

The global ammonia market which valued at $48.65 billion in 2016 is estimated to reach $68.35 billion by end of 2028, growing at a CARG of 4%. The capacity expansion and increasing demand is witnessed in the regions of North America, Europe, Asia Pasific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

Key players in the global ammonia market:

  • Yara International ASA
  • CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
  • Koch Fertilizer LLC
  • Achema AB
  • Potash Corp
  • Praxair, Inc.
  • Orica Limited
  • Incitec Pivot Ltd
  • Linde Group
  • Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Inc.
  • Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd

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Properties of Ammonia Solution

Ammonia solution is a weak base and neutralizes acids. It dissociates in water to readily gain hydrogen ion to form hydroxide and ammonium ion. It is a corrosive liquid that possess a bitter taste and soapy feel. 

Ammonia is mainly produced using natural gases with the most popularly known process, the Haber process. The process involves the reaction of hydrogen and nitrogen in the presence of an iron catalyst.

N2          +       3H2            –>   2NH3

Nitrogen        hydrogen     Ammonia

Properties of ammonia:

AppearanceColorless in liquid state
OdorCharacteristic Pungent Odor
Molecular Weight17.031 g/mol
Density0.73 kg/m³
Boiling Point-33.34 °C
Melting Point−77.73 °C

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Common Uses of Ammonia Solution

Ammonia solution is a common chemical used for various industrial and laboratory applications. Some of the common uses of ammonia solution include:

  • It is most importantly used in the manufacturing of chemical fertilizers
  • It is used in the manufacturing of a wide range of household cleaning agents
  • Commonly uses in the production of organic and inorganic chemicals
  • It is used in the production of refrigerant gas
  • Used for purification of water supplies
  • It plays an important role in manufacture of plastics
  • Used in production of explosives, textiles, pesticides, dyes
  • It is used in the manufacturing of chloramine, a disinfectant
  • Used in the manufacturing of nitric acid
  • Ammonia solution can be used to infuse a dark color to wood, which is further used in furniture darkening

Safety & Health Hazards of Ammonia Solution

Ammonia solution can be harmful when swallowed or inhaled; it can also cause severe skin and eye irritation/burns. Hence, it is necessary to wear all PPE while working with the chemical to avoid any adverse effect.

First aid measures

Eye Contact: Upon eye contact, try to protect the unaffected areas around the eyes. Rinse the exposed area of eyes with plenty of cold water for nearly 15 minutes. Get medical help if any irritation or discomfort persists.

Skin Contact: On contact with the skin, wash the affected are with soap and clean water. Let the exposed area of the skin be under running tap water for nearly 15minutes. Get medical help if required.

Inhalation: Immediately move the individual to fresh air when he/she inhales the fumes of ammonia. Loosen the clothing around the neck area and give oxygen if unable to breath. Get medical help if the discomfort persists.

Ingestion: Upon swallowing the chemical, make sure to rinse the mouth thoroughly with plenty of water, and get medical help. Do not induce vomiting.

Safety handling

It is important to read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before working with the chemical. Follow good laboratory practices and have an effective chemical hygiene plan in place. Avoid any contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Makes sure to use the chemical only in a proper ventilated space, while storing it in a cool, dry place in sealed containers. Avoid storage near extreme heat, where oxidizing agents are stored, or any ignition sources.

Where to buy Ammonia Solution?

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