Laboratory Chemicals: A Platform to Buy Quality Chemical Compounds

What are Lab Chemicals?

Laboratory chemicals are classified as the chemicals that are used in the preparation of drugs and other chemicals, to carry out necessary experimental and research procedures. The increasing focus on laboratory chemicals is due to the growing emphasis on R&D activities in chemistry and biology.

The demand for laboratory chemicals is constantly increasing, the reason being the growing end-users. The global market which was estimated to be $19.5 billion in 2019 is estimated to grow as huge as $30.5 billion by 2026. The increasing demand for lab chemicals for research will also strengthen the R&D activities and pave way for more innovations in the sector.

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Uses of Laboratory Chemicals

  • Commonly used in the R&D activities
  • It is used to identify, examine, and determine other chemical substances in a reaction
  • Used in industrial processes, ranging from bromination to numerous cryogenic reaction
  • Used in manufacturing of commercial products
  • Common lab processes such as acid chloride preparations, Williamson’s ether synthesis, nitration, carboxylation, ion-exchange reactions, and Suzuki coupling to name a few
  • Used in re-crystallization and distillation processes
  • Used in PCR testing
  • Used in forensic labs for DNA sequencing
  • Used for academic purposes

Lab Chemicals and their Hazard Class

The list of most common lab chemicals include:

Organic bases: The commonly used organic bases are amines such as ethanolamine and tributylamine.

Inorganic bases: Commonly used inorganic bases in the laboratory are metal hydroxides such as calcium, sodium, potassium, etc.

Oxidizers: The list of oxidizers used as lab chemicals include nitrites, iodates, permanganates, chlorates, persulfates, perchlorates, chromates, hypochlorite, peroxides, and perborates.

Organic acids: Laboratory acids include butyric acid, fluoroantimonic acid, and pentanoic acid to name a few.

Inorganic acids: Common inorganic lab acids are sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and phosphoric acid, among others.

Oxidizing acids: Oxidizing agents include nitric acid, perchloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, periodic acid, and chromic acid.

Flammable liquids: The group of flammable liquids that has common laboratory use are benzene, methanol, ethanol, xylene, toluene, acetone, and pyridine among others.

Acidic Flammable Liquids: There are other group of common lab chemicals that are acidic but highly flammable liquids, some of them are acetic acid (>80%), glacial acetic acid (100%), formic acid (>85%), and propanoic acid (100%).

Hazardous class of laboratory chemicals

There are certain laboratory chemicals that are found to be toxic to humans and animals, some of the common ones are listed below:

Cyanides: The most common toxic chemical, cyanide, plays a key role in common laboratory procedures. The popularly used cyanides are sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, and calcium cyanide.

Metal alkyl hydrides and halides: The halides and metal alkyl hydrides also form the toxic class of lab chemicals. Some of the popular examples of this class are dimethyaluminium chloride, diisobutylaluminium hydride, sodium sulphide (anhydrous or more than 30% water), and sodium methoxide.

Sulphides: Sulphides are another important class of laboratory chemical that are found to be toxic. The common sulphides used in laboratory are iron sulphide, lead sulphide, potassium sulphide, and sodium sulphide to name a few.

Air reactive chemicals: The chemicals classified as pyrophoric ignites spontaneously in air below 540C are listed as hazardous. The common pyrophorics are methyllithium, trimethlphosphine phosphorus, and other non-metal alkyls.

Water-reactive chemicals: Most common water-reactive, hazardous chemicals are alkali metals, borane complexes, metal hydrides, Grignard reagent, and metal phosphates.

It is always recommended to check for chemical formulation before working with them. It is often found that some of safe level chemicals may contain ‘hazardous products’ in the them. Hence, reading the formulation, specification, and msds of any chemical compound before working on them is a good laboratory practice.

Top Manufacturers of Laboratory Chemicals

  • ITW Reagents Division
  • Lonza Biologics Ltd
  • Beckman Coulter, Inc.
  • GE HealthCare
  • Merck KGaA
  • PerkinElmer Inc.
  • General Electric
  • Avantor, Inc.
  • PanReac AppliChem
  • Meridian Life science Inc.

Where to Buy Laboratory Chemicals in India

Laboratory chemicals can be easily purchased in India from a manufacturer, supplier, or third-party dealer. This is a long-held trend that still dominates chemical procurement in the Indian chemical industry. With the next wave of digitization already taking over the chemical industry in other countries, India too is slowly adapting to this new trend. Shedding light on this digitization in the chemical industry, Roland Berger highlighted that this trend is going to change over the next five years and complete digitization would take over.

Indian chemical industry is huge and ever-evolving; it stands as third in the list of chemical industries in the Asia-Pacific region while seventh at the global level. With such a huge market, it needs the new-age chemical procurement solution of digitization to keep up with the trend and operating at its best. The age-old chemical methods need a major revamp and new solutions should take over the process for better. That’s why a digital platform like was introduced with the noble cause of easing the chemical sourcing process of the huge and highly diverse Indian chemical market.

With the Indian chemical industry slowly embracing digitization, companies/ institutions adapting digitization have already witnessed greater efficiencies, improved operations, and faster responsiveness, marking a new milestone in the history of the country’s chemical sector. This new trend has allowed more and more companies/ institutions to buy chemical compounds online and enjoy its benefits. Buy lab chemicals online and see the difference yourselves!

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