Sodium metal, the most reactive chemical element

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Sodium metal, all you need to know about it

Sodium metal is a highly reactive alkali metal that is soft with a silvery-white appearance. Due to its highly reactive nature, sodium metal doesn’t appear in nature in a free metallic state; it is commonly found as a compound with chlorine. Sodium and chlorine combine to form table salt, the essential ingredient to prepare any food. In addition to sodium chloride, sodium is also found commonly in sodium hydroxide, one of the strongest alkali present today.

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In addition to its use in important industrial processes, sodium is an essential element to all living things. Sodium is important for many biological processes of the human body; it helps cell to transmit nerve signals and helps in maintaining the fluid levels by regulating water levels in tissues and blood.

Applications of sodium

Sodium is an important chemical element and offer a wide range of applications in the chemical industry, household work, cooking, laboratory experiments, and biological functions. Some of the important applications of sodium are highlighted here:

  • Sodium forms a component of table salt
  • Metallic sodium is used to refine reactive metals like zirconium and potassium
  • Sodium is used in manufacture of soap
  • Metallic sodium improves alloy structure and used to descale metal
  • Plays an important role to purify molten metals
  • Sodium is used as a heat exchanger in some nuclear reactors
  • Sodium is a popular reagent used in the chemical industry
  • Sodium chloride, common salt, is added in food
  • Sodium chloride is used to de-ice roads in winter
  • Sodium is an essential element for both plants and animals
  • Sodium plasma lamps are often used in street lighting
  • Sodium is a micronutrient that aids in plant metabolism
  • Sodium is used as a used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis
  • Sodium amide is a strong base and used in many chemical reactions

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Sodium metal: Properties

Sodium is the most common chemical element used in various chemical reactions and also occurs abundantly in the Earth’s crust. It finds a wide range of uses in the chemical industry. Some of the important properties of sodium include:

Atomic number: 11

Atomic symbol: Na (derived from its Latin Name natrium)

Atomic weight (average mass of the atom): 22.98976928

Density: 0.97 grams per cubic centimeter

State it exists at room temperature: Solid

Melting point: 208.04 degrees Fahrenheit (97.80 degrees Celsius)

Boiling point:  1,621 F (883 C)

Number of isotopes (atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons): 21; 1 stable

Most common isotopes: Na-23

Does sodium metal occur naturally?

Pure sodium metal does not exist naturally on the Earth crust as it is a highly reactive metal. It the sixth abundant element occurring on the Earth’s crust after oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron and calcium. It commonly occurs in large amounts in both seawater and soil in various mineral compounds, the most common of it being sodium chloride.

Sodium was first isolated by Humphry Davy in 1807 by the electrolysis of sodium hydroxide. Among many other useful sodium compounds, sodium chloride (table salt) and sodium hydroxide (used in soap manufacture) are the most common. Today, sodium metal is used in a wide range of industrial applications as a catalyst.

Sodium metal: Global market

Sodium metal is an important chemical element used for various applications across the world. The sodium metal global market is diversified with the supply and demand chain depending on various factors. Here are some of the sectors that uses sodium metal and regulates the global market.

The significant growth in the demand for denim

Sodium metal is one of the primary raw materials used to manufacture indigo dyes, that is majorly used in textiles and apparels. Indigo dyes are predominantly used for dyeing cotton yarn along with the manufacturing of denim clothing. The increasing demand for denim cloth has led to the rapidly growing market for sodium metal across the world. The trend has seen a significant growth over the last eight years and is expected to create a strong supply demand in the Asia Pacific region, especially China and India. The increasing supply from this geography will certainly benefit the global sodium metal market.

The availability of sodium metal online on platforms like have also helped the companies to use it more easily due to its quick and efficient procurement services.

Increasing demand of sodium metal due to rise in worldwide biodiesel production

The biodiesel production process requires both esterification and trans-esterification process; sodium methylate is one of the catalysts used on large scale for these processes. Sodium methylate is produced with sodium metal. The rise in the global biodiesel production is considered to be a key factor for the worldwide growth of the sodium metal market.

The growing dependency of sodium in various industrial processes

Sodium metal plays a key role in dyeing, textile, metallurgical and chemical end-use industries. The growing use of sodium metal in various industries have increased its demand and encouraged to increase its supply. It is estimated that an incremental dollar opportunity of about $55 million will be generated by 2024.

Expanding pharmaceutical market

The ever-expanding pharmaceutical industry is giving opportunities to increase the sodium metal market. Sodium metal is used to produce drugs like aspirin. Hence, the increasing use of sodium metal in the drug products has propelled the market growth of sodium metal.

Asia Pacific region has a dominant share in the sodium metal market

The Asia Pacific region has a dominant share of the global sodium metal market, with China on the top of the list followed by India and Japan. China is the largest sodium metal market with contributing roughly 80% of the total share of the world. China’s sodium metal market was reported to be $140 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach $193 million by 2024.

The contribution of North America

North America contributes to the maximum percentage in the US sodium metal market. Almost 98% of the American sodium metal comes from North America.  This trend will be around for sometime and will not change until 2024.

Challenges faced by the sodium metal market

The global consumption of sodium metal was over 98,400 million ton in the year 2016 and expected to reach 127,400 million ton by 2024; but the demand may experience a sluggish growth. Sodium metal has hazardous effects due to the highly reactive sodium element; while the handling and storage of sodium metal are also challenging. These factors are slowly letting the key players in the chemical industry to think of an alternative for sodium metal that doesn’t affect the environment and the one that is easy to handle and store. Some market players are using magnesium for industrial applications. There is no evidence of the growing replacement of magnesium for sodium metal, but it may eventually become more common.

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