Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Chemical Supplier

Check for the authenticity of your supplier

Chemical purchase has always been a tedious process in India. Though, finding the required chemical with the exact purity is a major challenge, what is more challenging is finding a trustworthy supplier. Scams due to unreliable suppliers are on the rise in the recent times, which is posing a serious threat to the chemical buyers in the country. Therefore, checking the authenticity of the supplier is the most important criteria when buying chemicals.

The most common questions that arise while choosing the chemical sellers are:

  • Is the company a genuine company with a good reputation?
  • Does the company have the ability to source the required chemical in the required quantity and purity?
  • Do they offer the same price as per the market standards?

In order to make sure that all the above questions are addressed and enables one to buy chemicals without fretting over the authenticity of the seller, the following points have to be validated.

To ensure the authenticity of a chemical supplier, it is important to check the following:

  • The registration number and business license of the company
  • Get sample chemicals before buying the wholesale product to check the quality
  • Check the creditability of the supplier on Google review or any other credible source available
  • Conduct factory audits, if possible
  • Do a thorough background check of the supplier, also visit the company/factory in person to ensure the legitimacy of the company

When you choose Carbanio, India’s largest online chemical bazaar, you don’t have to carry out an authentication process for the prospective seller. For your peace of mind, all the suppliers are put across an elaborate verification process prior to registration. Only the sellers with 100% credit worthiness are listed on the Carbanio website. Also, the payments are made through secured online methods, and the payment is released to the seller only after a green signal is given by the buyer. In case of any discrepancies, Carbanio will not release the payment, instead it’s sent back to the buyers. Whether you are looking for industrial chemical supplier or lab chemical supplier in India, this is the smartest way to buy chemicals without any hassle.

Consider the quality of products

There may be hundreds of criteria you may consider while buying a chemical, but nothing is compelling than the quality of the chemical. Imagine, you have found a reputable supplier within just a few kilometers from your location whose service is exceptional and ready to offer a great price deal; but the chemical is of a lower purity than you require. The lower purity standards of the chemical is definitely not acceptable as it will affect the overall quality of the end-product and eventually loss of business and brand value.

If you worry about the quality of the chemicals you are going to purchase, then Carbanio is your go-for partner. Here, all the sellers are thoroughly checked and registered on the website. In case, the chemical you have purchased doesn’t match your purity requirements, then Carbanio will not release any payment to the seller, and you can be sure to get back your money, it’s that secured. Carbanio is a hassle-free platform for buying chemicals in a secured and easy manner.

Compare product pricing

When it comes buying chemicals, pricing is an important criterion next only to the quality. Price speaks a lot about the product and the supplier. Setting the right chemical pricing is an opportunity to attract customers and respond to the market fluctuations. Furthermore, a decent price bracket will help the companies to improve the customer base and increase their sales volume.

A lower pricing than the standard market price can highlight on the poor pricing decision of the supplier which will eventually sue away genuine buyers. Similarly, a higher price may not really help the supplier to build brand, rather it will dissolve the opportunity to collaborate with smaller and mid-size companies who purely work within the budget limits.

It is important to have a price transparency system in the chemical industry to help buyers compare the price between various suppliers and choose the one that suits their requirements the best. With the current chemical sourcing process, buyer have limited opportunities to compare the price range of various chemicals and end up buying chemicals at a higher rate which may, otherwise, be available at a lower price with a supplier in his own locality.

To solve the problem of price transparency in the Indian chemical market, Carbanio has introduced a real-time price comparison solution. Buyers can filter out their required chemicals and check for the pricing on a real-time basis and choose the supplier/manufacturer who offer a decent pricing with good quantity chemical located in a nearby area.

Storage site for better insight

Management of chemicals is often a tedious task. There are times when one can buy a bulk quantity of chemical and may not use the entire portion due to various reasons; the return or refund may be more than difficult at times. Here comes the storage sites for rescue! The smaller or mid-size manufacturing plants may always not have a storage facility to stock the excess chemicals. Hiring a storage site is a great idea to have the excess chemical stocked up and use whenever required.

The storage sites are being around for decades and definitely help the manufacturers with some extra storage space when they are running short of space in their own unit. The idea may seem brilliant and practical, but it is not also affordable. Hiring of a storage site is a costly affair which will have the company pay for the space and will also require to plan for the storage. Additional cost may incur due to buying of specialized storage container for the specific chemical, transportation charges to shift the chemicals to the storage facility, and the labor charges of the manpower involved.

You have an alternative for the storage site, and it’s buying your chemicals from Carbanio. With thousands of verified chemical suppliers listed on Carbanio, which requires you to buy the chemical in limited quantity without being doubtful of your requirement. Any further excessive requirement will only need you to place the order again, and the chemical will reach you soon. Carbanio is like a virtual chemical storage space which houses millions of chemicals as per your requirement. Buy industrial chemicals online or any other chemicals only on

Verify the presence of authenticated certificates

Trusting an unknown chemical supplier can cost you a fortune. To avoid any risk associated with the unknown vendor or vendor product, it is important to analyze the certificates to ensure the credibility. Choosing a supplier without verifying their certificates is like falling prey for scamsters out there.

When you choose Carbanio, you don’t have to undergo a tedious process of checking the background of the supplier, physical address, or certificate analysis. For your convenience, we undergo a strict verification process to check the worthiness of the supplier. Only the suppliers/manufacturers who clear our authentication process are listed out on the site. You can choose any supplier, who has your required chemical, without any second thought.

Why choose Carbanio for quality chemical compounds?

Carbanio is an online chemical bazaar that has changed the way people buy and sell chemicals. This unique platform has managed to remove the challenges that laid in the chemical sourcing process in the Indian chemical industry. Carbanio was established with a noble cause of helping the chemical buyers and sellers across the country, who had previously difficulty in finding the right supplier or buyer. Here, the sellers are registered with a detailed verification process for complete peace of mind. The buyers get to check the suppliers in their locality, compare the price on a real-time basis, and choose the one that offers the chemical that match their requirement of quantity, purity, and price. Once the buyer is confident about the seller, he can make secured online payment and wait for the chemical to reach him in the estimated time.

Introducing digitization in the chemical industry marks a milestone in the country’s chemical sourcing process. Digitization has streamlined the previously unorganized process of chemical sourcing in India and helped the buyers find the sellers with ease. Digital platforms like Carbanio are popular for the transparency they offer, price comparison, authenticity of the seller, options for finding the seller in the nearby area, choose the quality, quantity, and much more.