What Is Distilled Water and Uses of Distilled Water

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is referred to as the pure water or deionized water that has no other added substance in it. It is a pure substance composed only of hydrogen and oxygen. Any kind of water, whether tap water, natural spring, rain water, etc. contains a trace amount of minerals, microbes, pesticides, pollutants, and other impurities in it. However, by distilling water, all these contaminants can easily be got rid of. Distilling water removes more than 99.9% of dissolved impurities.

Distilled water is obtained by boiling regular water and collecting the steam, which is later cooled to its liquid state. By doing so, the dissolved salts, minerals, and other materials are removed from the water making it the purest water among others.

Distilled water is popularly used in industrial processes and a wide range of experiments in chemistry and biology labs. It is also used to rinse the laboratory glassware to ensure that any kind of impurities sticking to them are removed. If you are looking to buy distilled water online, in bulk or smaller quantities, look no further than Carbanio.com. Carbanio is an online chemical bazaar that offers nearly 8 million chemical products from verified chemical suppliers. Using digital platforms for sourcing chemicals is the new trend which will slowly take over other traditional chemical sourcing methods. Turn towards Carbanio today to keep up with the trend and stay at par with your competitors.

pH of Distilled Water

The pH of distilled water is 7. On the pH scale any number ranging above 7 is considered to be alkaline and below 7 is acidic, whereas substances with a pH of 7 are considered neutral. Hence, distilled water is neither acidic nor alkaline, it is a neutral substance. The neutrality of distilled water explains its quality and the wide range of applications it offers.

In industrial and pharmaceutical processes, using water below pH 7 can be corrosive to the reaction vessel or metal fixtures as it is acidic. This water may contain iron, copper, lead, or zinc interacting with the reaction and also imparting a bitter and metallic taste to the overall reaction mixture. Similarly, a high alkaline water may also pose some serious threat. Alkaline water may lead to the formation of precipitation on the reaction vessel and impart a soda-like taste. To avoid the consequences of acidic and alkaline water, the neural distilled water is the most preferred in all kinds of industrial processes.

Uses of Distilled Water

The popular uses of distilled water include:

  • Due to the purity of the distilled water, it is used in a wide range of industrial and pharmaceutical applications
  • It is used in the cooling system of vehicles
  • It is used to sterilize medical instruments. As distilled water has zero mineral in it, is will remove any impurity deposit on the instrument.
  • It is used to clean wounds and prevent infection and cross-contamination in hospitals
  • It is used by the dentist to sterilize the mouth in case of tooth extraction
  • As the pH of distilled water is 7, it is used in laboratory experiments for accurate results
  • It is used in the preparation of cosmetics as impure water can cause blemish or other skin problems
  • In food industry, distilled water is used in the canning process of fruits and vegetables
  • Distilled water is preferred over tap water in humidifiers as they have no/negligible concentrations of minerals

How Distilled Water is Made

Distilled water is produced at large scale using huge industrial water distillation plants. The water distillation units are proven to be the most reliable and effective method of producing purified water in huge quantity. The feed water is filled in large cylindrical water tanks where the heat is passed until the water evaporates leaving behind the impurities that have higher boiling points. The steam generated here is passed on to the condensing unit where it is cooled and condensed to its liquid state. The resulting water is the highly purified distilled water. This method removes all traces of dissolved minerals, salts, bacteria, viruses, and other heavy metals, offering 99.9% pure water.

To further ensure a higher level of water purification with nearly 100 % free from contaminants, the distillation unit is integrated with other water treatment process like reverse osmosis or ultra-filtration.

Similarly, distilled water can be prepared at home too. All you will need is a stainless steel or aluminum pot with a round lid, a metal bowl, ice cubes, and hot pads. Fill the stainless steel or aluminum pot with water and place it on the stove. Place the small metal bowl on the top of the water, in a way it is floating in it. As the water starts heating up, place the lid of the container upside down and place a lot of ice cubes over the inverted lid. Ice cubes help in cooling and condensation. After about an hour, open the lid and look for water in the smaller metal bowl that was floating in the vessel. The water that has dripped in the smaller metal bowl is the distilled water that has been successfully produced at home.

Risks of Using Distilled Water

Undoubtedly, distilled water is used in a wide range of applications, but using it for drinking can cause some serious health risks. Distilled water is nearly 100% pure water with no added salts, minerals, or contaminants; this means there are no dissolved minerals such as sodium, calcium or magnesium. So, drinking distilled water on a daily basis may deprive one from the important minerals required for the body, eventually leading to mineral deficiency. Distilled water is deprived of electrolytes like potassium and added mineral too, hence, by drinking distilled water, one is missing out on the micronutrients required by the body.

Body loses a significant amount of minerals while passing urine and sweat. It is important to regain the lost minerals to ensure the normal metabolic function of the body. The lost minerals are replaced by the water intake. However, the distilled water results in an imbalance of electrolytes and eventually posing threat to the individual.

Considering the importance of dissolved salts and minerals in the drinking water to maintain a balance electrolyte supply in the body, it is essential to choose the right drinking water. Though, distilled water may be in its purest state, it fails to provide the required salts, minerals, and electrolytes to the body. In the longer run, drinking distilled water may cause serious health issues.

Where Can I Buy Distilled Water?

Due to the high purity of distilled water, they are used in a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. One can buy distilled water from any local supplier or dealer. Like chemical purchase in India, buying distilled water is also a tedious affair. The major challenge lies in finding a trustworthy supplier who can provide a bulk quantity of distilled water in a nominal price range. But things have been changing over the last few years with the introduction of digitization in the Indian Chemical Industry. Digitization has streamlined the previously unorganized chemical procurement process and has offered greater convenience to the chemical buyers and the sellers.

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