Why Chemical Manufacturers prefer to register on B2B Marketplaces?

India’s chemical Industry is extremely diversified and, globally, India is the sixth  largest  producer of chemicals. Despite the present pandemic situation, the Indian chemical industry has numerous opportunities for digitization of chemicals. India’s speciality chemicals companies are expanding their capacities due to the high demand of chemicals from domestic and overseas.

Rising Demand in Chemical Industry after COVID-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has opened new growth opportunities for Chemical Manufacturers in India. There are a very few fully digitized Chemical Marketplaces in India and Carbanio has been at the forefront towards digitalization of Chemicals, even before the pandemic began. Over 19,000+ Chemical manufacturers in India are registered with Carbanio and it is the only platform which encourages Indian Chemical Manufacturers to digitize their sales and get business from all over India. It is currently India’s largest B2B marketplace to buy and sell chemicals.

Carbanio – Digital Convenience for Chemical Buyers and Sellers

Carbanio created convenience to its customers by aggregating the chemical manufacturers and authorized distributors, comparing prices, and purchasing one or more chemicals either from a single or multiple suppliers at a same time on Carbanio. Customers can track the purchased products from the moment Carbanio picks up the shipment from the manufacturer’s location till it delivers at the customer’s doorstep.

Benefits for Chemical Manufacturers

From the Manufacturers benefits, they get exposure and free marketing for their chemicals all over India for FREE. Carbanio is a huge platform for the manufacturers  as there is no limit to the number of chemicals one can sell. They will also be eligible to receive custom chemical orders through Carbanio website. In case, a manufacturer requires raw materials, he/she can purchase chemicals at 60% less than the market price on Carbanio website

Manufacturers decide their own price on the chemicals when they put for sale on Carbanio. The buyers will buy at the price quoted by the manufacturer, and there is no scope for negotiations. The manufacturers need not worry about quotations, negotiations when they sell through Carbanio. Payments are settled in just 3 days for manufacturers, after successful delivery. If you find this exciting as being a chemical manufacturer, you can register on Carbanio.com and get your chemical sales up.

Be a part of India’s largest chemical manufacturers hub. Register on Carbanio and get immensely benefited!